Keeping Your HR Team in Tune
Mystery Speaker 1 (Morning)
Date: Sep 18, 2019 Beginning at 10:00 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Attendees will learn the 5 mindsets to building a strong and effective team.
Attendees will learn how to best serve internal customers within the organization
Attendees will learn how to create an emotional connection with those they serve

Session Description
During this entertaining and educational program, our mystery speaker will reveal the 5 mindsets to building a strong team and creating effective internal customer relationships. Those mindsets include:

The Cheers Mentality
The Extra Inch Mentality
The Mentality of Purpose
The Mentality of Presence
The Lead the Way Mentality

When these five mindsets become a part of the culture within your organization, the workforce becomes engaged, more productive, and more profitable.

Session Speaker