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Sessions With Demetria Miles

Intersectionality: Bridging the Identity Gap (Afternoon)
Date: Sep 18, 2019 Beginning at 1:15 PM
Intersectionality: Bridging the Identity Gap (Morning)
Date: Sep 18, 2019 Beginning at 10:00 AM

More About Demetria Miles

Diversity is on the agenda of every conference and the topic of every leadership meeting. How do we improve diversity? Where do we find diverse and qualified candidates? How do we increase inclusion? The list of questions regarding diversity is endless. Today’s version of diversity covers, among many other things: gender, race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, and veteran status. Everyone fits nicely into these categories. According to statistical reports, people fit into only one of these categories at a time. We compare men to women, white people to people of color, and cisgender and straight to LGBTQ. But what if you identify with more than one marginalized group? How are companies preparing for the influx of people who are more diverse and multidimensional than previous generations? If your diversity efforts are still pitting one group against another, consider intersectionality as a sustainable solution. Intersectionality looks at how the multiple groups a person identifies with, such as being an African American woman with physical disabilities, creates a new and unique experience that can’t be understood or utilized by focusing on individual groups.

This presentation is for business leaders who want to be more inclusive in their diversity efforts. Intersectionality is the next step in the diversity conversation. If you’ve got a good grasp on the single dimension diversity elements, it’s time to understand how they work together.