Live Your YOUlogy for Success (Morning)
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 10:00 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Use both intellect and emotion to tap into new sources of renewal and resilience.
Turn turmoil and turbulence into opportunities for growth and possibility.H40
Transform fear of change so that it is a catalyst and not a hurdle.

Session Description
Red Katz empowers your organization to achieve more by helping your people rediscover, recharge, and reboot their passions - unleashing more profits, higher productivity and greater performance. His keynote will give you the keys to build resiliency and help you overcome your real-world challenges with real-world strategies. No theory, no fluff, and no filler.

Session Speaker

Red Katz

Red Inspires

More About Red Katz

Red Katz is a dynamic “real world” professional speaker with the unique ability to connect, motivate, and inspire any audience within minutes. Over the last 20 years, Red leveraged his natural speaking talent to find professional success as an entrepreneur, in which he built businesses, motivated large teams, raised capital, and streamlined processes to dramatically exceed revenue and profit objectives. By cultivating his passion for motivating others through active membership and leadership in organizations like Toastmasters International and The Mankind Project, Red realizes his dream by delivering powerful keynote speeches for a wide variety of corporate and social organizations.

Through his contagious energy and powerful words, Red Katz helps audiences rediscover themselves to find their true passions. Red provides the audience with the tools and inspiration to turn their Passion into Action. In order to do this, Red makes sure that the audience knows that his presentation isn't a lecture, rather he and the audience are a team working together to achieve their goals. Red focuses the presentation on the audience and quite literally steps down from the podium joining the audience and speaking to them on a personal level. To further stress the idea the event is about THEM, Red brings audience members to the stage to show that they are the limelight. And to wrap up, Red animates the most button-down audience in song and dance, grooving to the music, and conga lining through the aisles. Everyone has a fiery passion ready to drive them to success - Red ignites that flame.