The Secret Why (Afternoon)
Harnessing the hidden motivators to engage your workforce
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 11:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Learn the secret motivators that drive your workforce, and the importance of knowing why people do what they do.
Discover your own motivators and see the profound impact they have on what you do at work.
See how aligning a person’s motivators with their job duties results in increased engagement, improved performance, and a happier workforce.

Session Description
Most of us have gotten pretty good at observing what people do. But what about why they do it?

How would your world change if you could pull back the curtain and see what really motivates others? You could: • Put employees in roles that amplify their passions. • Hire candidates who are fully engaged and internally driven to excel. • Assemble teams that work cohesively and accomplish more. • Communicate more effectively.

Now you can. Join dynamic speaker Krissi Barr as she shows you the power of knowing the secret forces that drive why people do what they do. Pairing motivators with key job responsibilities lowers turnover, improves results and increases engagement. Perhaps that’s why 72% of top producing salespeople all have the same powerful motivator.

Learn the value of tapping into what really motivates people. Plus, you can discover your own motivators in under ten minutes on your smartphone.

Session Speaker

Krissi Barr

Barr Corporate Success

More About Krissi Barr

For over 15 years, Krissi Barr has helped businesses and individuals succeed. Her consulting firm, Barr Corporate Success, has consistently delivered results working with everything from Fortune 50 companies to family businesses and start-ups. Her company’s efforts have sparked transformations that have produced long-term growth and profitability, as evidenced by the fact that over 95% of her clients have met or exceeded their objectives.

Barr Corporate Success specializes in:

  • Executive & team coaching
  • Strategic planning & implementation
  • Behavioral assessments to hire, train & develop great employees
  • Leadership & strategy training programs
  • Keynote speeches

Krissi is the author of two business books (The Fido Factor on leadership and Plugged on strategy), she has chaired or co-chaired over 30 non-profit events, she was selected by INC. Magazine as one of America’s top-ten “super-efficient” and she is personally responsible for bringing a labyrinth to downtown Cincinnati’s Riverfront Park.

She’s had the good fortune to help thousands of people and hundreds of companies. Receiving feedback like the quotes below explains why Krissi is so passionate about what she does.

  • “Krissi Barr absolutely ROCKS!”
  • “Good coaches are hard to come by. Great ones are even harder to find. Krissi earns the ‘great’ coach accolade.”
  • “You have made an enormous difference in our business and I value the input you have given us.” •
  • “Thank you for making our future come alive!”
  • “Your assessments are amazing. You really helped us upgrade our management candidates.”
  • “Krissi is the right fit for organizations and individuals that are serious about making an impact.”
  • “Thank you for a great program on leadership. I have been to thousands of these over my 30 years and yours was the topper!”
  • “Your books have had an enormous impact on my career…thank you!”