Recognizing and Responding to the Needs of EEs with Substance Abuse Issues (Afternoon)
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 11:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Change the stigma about addiction
Treatment modalities offered for substance use disorder
How to deal with employees with families of addicts

Session Description
A personal story of how I never thought drugs would be a part of my life, and how the worst drug eventually was my entire life. My journey through addiction, what I learned, and what I'm doing today because of it

Session Speaker

More About Matt Bell

Matt Bell, 32 years old, is the President and Co-founder of Team Recovery, and the Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Recovery Center & Midwest Detox Center. Born and raised in Toledo, he graduated from St. Francis de Sales in 2005 and earned an academic/athletic scholarship to the University of Toledo, where he played baseball. After an injury he became addicted to the pain killers that were prescribed to him. One thing lead to another, and as we see so often today, Matts situation turned into a 9 year bout with heroin. Jails, arrests, and overdoses became his reality, although they was never anything he foresaw or dreamt of doing. Today, in Team Recovery & Midwest Recovery Center, he uses his past & his biggest liabilities as assets to help the individuals and families who are still suffering from the disease of addiction, and to carry an important message to our youth.