FLSA - Get a CLUE About Wage & Hour Issues (Afternoon)
It's not a game anymore!
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 11:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
To identify proper classifications for exempt employees

Participants will be knowledgeable of the latest DOL and court opinions on wage & hour issues
Participants will understand best practices for handling wage & hour issues in the workplace

Session Description
Like a good murder mystery, the secrets to managing the FLSA revisions and other wage & hour issues can be discovered – you just need to know the right questions to ask. Will Miss Scarlet still be exempt under the new regulations? Is Professor Plum entitled to overtime for his hours in the library with the candlestick? Sounds like a game a good HR professional would love to play! Through the use of real-life examples, practical guidance (and a lot of fun), Julie Pugh and Lee Geiger will solve wage & hour mysteries by turning a well-loved board game into familiar wage & hour scenarios. We will talk through methods for properly classifying employees including how to fix misclassifications and how to handle a wage & hour “whoops” that you may have inherited from a previous HR director. Each attendee should have a foundational knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Participants will walk away with practical tips and new best practices. The session will informative and entertaining, guaranteed!

Session Speakers

Lee Geiger

Graydon Head and Ritchey, LLP.

More About Lee Geiger

Lee Geiger is a partner at the Graydon law firm in Cincinnati. He is a legal nerd who thoroughly enjoys helping companies of all sizes solve HR problems. No issue is too big or small. Lee provides practical advice to address chronic FMLA/ADA issues, hiring, firing, harassment and discipline problems, as well as dealing with the occasional employee who falls asleep in the restroom! Lee also represents companies in state and federal courts and alphabet agencies like the EEOC, OCRC, DOL, NLRB, OCR, and OSHA.

Lee prides himself on having great relationships with clients. He takes the time to understand their business and gets to know what makes them tick outside of the office. He has fun at his job because he works with great people, both clients and Graydon colleagues.

In addition to helping clients, Lee thoroughly enjoys presenting on HR topics to audiences of all sizes. He regularly speaks at conferences on a variety of HR topics. He uses a creative approach with presentations because learning should not have to be boring!

Lee is the chair of Graydon's Labor & Employment Department. He also regularly works from the firm's downtown Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Over the Rhine offices.

Lee is fortunate to have a great wife and kids. When not at work, he can usually be found sitting on a non-profit board or cheering for their kids at track meets, soccer, basketball, volleyball, or baseball games.

Please introduce yourself to Lee after today’s presentation. He gets a kick out of hearing crazy HR stories and would love to hear yours.

Julie Pugh

Graydon Head

More About Julie Pugh

Julie Pugh is a partner at Graydon in Cincinnati, Ohio and a noted national speaker on a variety of legal, labor, and employment topics. Julie’s training sessions are recognized for being edgy, vibrant, and innovative. She makes legal education fun, something most think to be impossible.

As a trusted advisor on labor and employment issues, Julie routinely counsels clients on a variety of legal topics. Her trial experience and continued involvement in the HR community allows her to offer a unique understanding of a client’s needs. She truly enjoys her legal practice, as solving problems and supporting strong, ethical employment practices are an important component of her daily life. The audience will leave with tangible takeaways in the form of policy ideas, updated legal guidance, and a deeper knowledge of the law. Join us to experience Julie’s passion in helping employers create great workplaces by not only following the letter of the law but actually implementing practical and enforceable policies.