Reshaping the Organization's Future Through Collaboration and Engagement (Afternoon)
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 11:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Apply the change formula to better understanding how to turn resistance into commitment. Create tipping point conditions for real transformation. See how leading-edge collaborative approaches can accelerate change.

Session Description
At the edge of collaboration is a renewed understanding that the only way to truly foster meaningful change is to have meaningful conversations... resulting in that which is better than any one person can create alone. At the heart of this notion is the fundamental belief that people are wise and when engaged effectively, the solutions are more innovative, energizing, long-term, and motivating. An important byproduct of such collaboration is the replacement of resistance to change with a commitment to action where people support and defend that which they helped to create. We will use the change formula as a guide for creating conditions that transforms people and organizations in an accelerated fashion.

More About Steve Cady

Dr. Steven H. Cady is a professor, author, speaker, and consultant. He serves on the graduate faculty at Bowling Green State University where he has published more than thirty articles on collaborative change and organizational development. His work has taken him around the world with ConAgra, Alcoa Inc., Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Japan’s Fukushima Disaster, The Tavistock Group, Dept of Developmental Disability, Social Change in Amsterdam, Change Management in South Africa, Cooperative Extension, Central Florida’s Medical City, Dana Corporation, and Chrysler. Dr. Cady is the co-author of The Change Handbook, the leading resource on today’s best methods for engaging large organizations and communities in complex change. In 2007, he founded an organization that became known as NEXUS4change, a global community of 8,000+ professionals working together to advance collaborative change as a way to with deal our world’s most intractable challenges. His recent work focuses on passion for work and life with his book Stepping Stones to Success and PBS program and DVD titled Life Inspired.