Passion! 8 Steps to Ignite Yours
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 1:30 PM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
The attendee will be able to know themselves better than when they walked in the room. Self- discovery exercises enlighten them to how little we know about ourselves
Discover their deepest desires for their life, career, family, and community.
Walk away with a renewed commitment to their job or role. We give them tangible lists of what they need to accomplish.

Session Description
Our society needs passion. We live in a world filled with employees, friends, neighbors, and relatives who are simply existing but have forgotten how to truly live. Maybe you’re a manufacturing rep, sales person, teacher, or doctor… in 2019 all of our workplaces need a dose of passion and are lacking strategies to reignite that passion for the work our people do. We all entered the workplace in a career field we knew we would enjoy. We applied, got hired and now we have settled in and have made ourselves busier than we have ever been. Along the way, our passion waned, we forgot to keep our foot on the gas and most of us don’t have the fire we once had. If we want to take our organization to the next level and become the people we know we can be… then now is the time to reconsider the thing we thought was reserved for our kids: Passion.
During this discussion on Passion, Mark J. Lindquist from ABC’s Lost, CBS’ Hawaii Five-O and the Universal Studio’s “Battleship” will offer concrete takeaways that can be implemented in your workplace as you begin the journey to reignite the passion that brought your people into their career field in the first place. As an individual whose passion technique has landed him gigs performing The National Anthem (his passion) for the largest crowds in America including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA, Mark will offer up his playbook that your organization can use to light a fire under your people once again.

Session Speaker

More About Mark Linquist

Mark J Lindquist's life and career are two of the most awe-inspiring stories you have ever heard. The moment your people have the opportunity to listen to this journey, they will come to two conclusions: 1) I can and will do more with my life and career and 2) There are simply no more valid excuses - I must achieve what I was put on earth to achieve. 

Mark is a person who believes that if one human being can do a thing, then you can too. He started life in an orphanage in Seoul, South Korea, was adopted and was brought to America at the age of 8 months and raised on a farm in rural Minnesota. Performing was in his blood from a young age and the culminating moment of his teenage years came when he was given the opportunity to speak on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the AmeriCorps graduating class of 2000. 

Always a servant, as his mother and father taught him, Mark continued his service in the United States Air Force and served honorably at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. There, he had the incredible opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the US Military as well as for a world touring entertainment unit called Tops in Blue, which is similar to a USO or Bob Hope show. During his time on the Island of Oahu, Mark earned a few roles on ABC's LOST, CBS' Hawaii Five-O and in the Universal Studios movie "Battleship."  

Since launching his motivational speaking firm (Mark J Lindquist Motivational Speaking and Entertainment) and his consulting firm (Lindquist and Associates), he has had the opportunity to speak for the largest companies in America (McDonald's, Walmart, Starbucks, IBM), sing for the largest crowds in America (NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA), and perform for the President of the United States of America. He is widely known in the professional speaking industry as the fastest growing motivational speaker in America, having been invited to deliver guest lectures to over 1500 aspiring and professional speakers, including many Hall of Fame Speakers. 

Mark is a United States Air Force and Afghanistan War Veteran. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.?