Power Up and Solve the Mystery Behind Energized Organizations
Date: Sep 18, 2019 Beginning at 8:30 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Understand the types of events and interactions that create lethargy in a team or organization Develop organizational mindsets to create an energized work environment so that communications are clear and productivity increases Learn methods to increase personal energy to decrease absenteeism and increase retention and productivity

Session Description
Why do some organizations just feel energized? Work gets done, employees are engaged, and drama is low. In this powerful session, Kathy Parry will give critical tools to help attendees solve the mystery behind energetic organizations. Employing her E3 method and some inspiration from Einstein, Kathy teaches clear strategies for powering up teams and increasing personal and organizational energy. The loss of organizational and personal energy can cause even the most innovative organizations to commit the crime of dullness. Hung up on old tactics, outdated processes or unproductive communication leads to lethargic teams. But with simple steps and a few lightning bolts of inspiration, Kathy will have your attendees ready to launch their own Power Up initiatives.

Session Speaker

Kathy Parry

Corporate Energy Expert LLC

More About Kathy Parry

A recognized authority in personal energy, productivity, and resilience, Kathy Parry ignites positive changes for professional leaders. Prior to launching her own speaking and consulting business Kathy was a trainer for a super-regional bank on their merger and acquisition team. In this role, she helped others integrate new technology and transition through organizational transformation. Kathy holds degrees in Business and Food Management from Miami University and a certification in plant-based nutrition. She holds the designation of professional speaker from the National Speakers Association and speaks at events nationwide. Ms. Parry has authored three books and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.