Taking the Mystery out of Why Diversity Trainings Don't Work
Mystery Speaker 2 (Afternoon)
Date: Sep 19, 2019 Beginning at 2:30 PM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
?To understand the difference between Diversity and Social Justice To remove excuses that stand in one's way from doing social justice work To utilize three basic tools of self-reflection: tracking, triggers, and listening

Session Description
After 15 years of direct Diversity Training, our mystery speaker has uncovered why change doesn't stick. Human Resources Professionals are being asked to wear a million hats and ensure that the organization won't get sued. This doesn't lead to inclusive work culture. Let's spend a day in the life of a change crusher. Let's look at a dozen or so contradictory characters that make up your office staff under the magnifying glass and solve the mystery or what you can do with what you already have to make your diversity initiatives stick.

Session Speaker