Forensic Data Analysis to Solve Your Benefits Trend
Date: Sep 20, 2019 Beginning at 7:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
Understand the Industry Impacts to Your Benefits Trend
Determine the Cost of Doing Nothing to Your Organization, Your Culture and Your Benefits
3 winning strategies: Create a Data-Driven Strategy by Using Data to Solve the Mystery of Your Benefit Trend

Session Description
As employers, sometimes we just want to maintain the status quo or make the easiest decision. We often see this inertia as employers struggle to balance escalating benefits costs with organizational financial targets. Passing along higher costs to employees seems to be the easiest and most traditional way to maintain equilibrium. Meanwhile, employees often passively enroll in the same original plan they chose when first eligible for benefits, even though their needs may have drastically changed. As we move into rising costs and evolving healthcare options, our work shows us that understanding the data behind escalating benefits costs, particularly medical and pharmacy, is the first step in developing a winning total rewards benefits strategy. We'll review three known winning data-driven strategies to solve the benefit trend.

Session Speakers

Michael Clark

Oswald Companies

More About Michael Clark

Michael Clark is a Consultant in the Group Benefits Division at Oswald Companies. He has been with Oswald Companies for four years and has experience working with privately held companies and non-profit organizations in employee benefits. His goal is to gain a strong understanding of an organization’s business, culture, and risk tolerance, while identifying and designing innovative cost-effective solutions to minimize risk. This approach translates into valuable and sustainable benefits programs for his clients and their employees. Michael believes that each client should have a unique strategy based on their culture and risk tolerance.

Denise Mirtich

Oswald Companies

More About Denise Mirtich

Denise C. Mirtich leads the Informatics Practice for Oswald Companies, which consists of Health Management Solutions, Data Analytics, and Technology Solutions. Her leadership has had a direct impact on the growth of Oswald’s highly regarded Group Benefits Division. Ms. Mirtich has more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry with focused expertise in insurance administration for self-funded groups, product development, applied technologies, trend management, and client-focused business development. Under the Informatics umbrella, Ms. Mirtich creates robust financial assessments as well as clinically-driven analysis to help clients address the risk that could prevent them from achieving their goals.