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Heather Kinzie

Heather Kinzie

Organization - The Strive Group


Powerful Purpose


Learning Objectives

1. Understand, embrace and fully commit to their roles as influencers in their organization.

2. Understand their "purpose" and identify ways to eliminate distractions and ensure focus.

3. Identify some tools or strategies to encourage adventure, positivity and resilience in the workplace (starting, of course, with who is in the mirror!)


This general session is a mix of stories, insights and challenges to the participants and will focus on influence, purpose and positivity.

As HR Professionals, we must accept our roles as influencers. Regardless of our title, we influence. Regardless of the org chart, we influence. Regardless of our willingness, we influence. Simply put, HR has been and will continue to be in a position of influence and its professionals should fully understand what this means and commit to doing it well. Heather will share her stories about her successes and failures in such with hopes that you can have improved outcomes!

In addition to that of the influencer, HR Professionals have lots of informal titles. Fire extinguishers, planners, and strategists are some of the roles we play when we are not being partners, collaborators and facilitators. The variety of roles can sometimes be overwhelming and we often find we've lost our way, drifted off course, etc. from our "official role" or our "official title." This drift occurs because we may have lost our focus or otherwise lost sight of our purpose. Heather will highlight what she believes are the four main "purposes" of HR. Hopefully, this can enable us to rethink our roles and perhaps re-align our priorities.

Finally, there is no doubt that HR is challenging; often, the trials of our noble career choice wear us down. Likewise, it is not always easy to give service with a smile. Heather will offer her ideas on how to encourage and sustain an adventurous spirit, positivity and resilience in a career where change and challenge are unyielding.


Heather Kinzie has been an HR and Organizational Performance Professional for 20 years and is proud of it. If you ask her what she is proud of, she'll tell you it's because she has made a positive difference. She's mentored a leader, she's salvaged a business, she's encouraged a student, and she's inspired the discouraged. This hasn't made her rich but it's enriched her career.

Her career hasn't been perfect but it's been comprehensive. She's worked in almost all disciplines of HR and OD, in public and private enterprise, and in both the profit and non-profit sectors. She's been consulting for over ten years and offers numerous hours of pro-bono work for her favorite non-profits. She'd be lying if she told you she has enjoyed it all but she'd also confirm that doing it all has made her a better professional.

Heather may not be a savvy business owner but she's a dedicated volunteer. She knows there is too much work to be done and too few willing to do it so she does what she can and encourages others (albeit often in the form of threats and guilt) to step up and do the same. She has served as a Board Member or active volunteer for a variety of organizations in her community, including her local SHRM Chapter where she served as a Board Member for eight years and continues to be an active volunteer.

Heather is a writer and public speaker covering topics such as leadership, workforce engagement and collaboration, strategic planning and organizational performance. She is from the south and loves to tell stories so watch out! She is uber excited to be here in Ohio speaking to professionals who are committed and dedicated to their organization's success.

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  • September 13, 2017
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