Maggie Frye

Maggie Frye

Organization - Core Consulting Group LLC
Business Credit


HR's Role In Cultivating Culture

Learning Objectives

1. Gain a clear understanding of what organizational culture is and how it forms;

2. Explore the importance of culture and the role it plays in organizational effectiveness; and,

3. Learn strategies for how HR leaders can influence organizational culture and build alignment with talent management practices.


Group culture exists everywhere - countries, families, soccer fields on a Saturday morning. Essentially anytime a group of people "live" together in any form, cultures and sub-cultures emerge. Our workplaces are no different. During this session, we'll explore the ins and outs of organizational culture. Specifically, we'll look at what organizational culture is; how it forms; and why it's important. From there, we'll dive into how HR leaders can influence culture and build alignment between organizational culture and talent management practices.


Maggie is the Founder and a Principal Consultant for Core Consulting Group, which she started in 2014 after leaving her role in global talent management at a Cincinnati-headquartered education technology company. She has enjoyed a meaningful career in organizational
development, human resources, and communication - helping to build strong, able leaders and effective business practices. Maggie is also mother to two crazy but lovable boys, three furry children, wife to an environmental scientist with a green thumb, and an avid runner to maintain Zen in her life. Her favorite hashtag is #LiveWhatYouLove, which concisely summarizes her passion the work she does and her zest for life.