Invisible Ink: The Psychological Contract and the Employee Experience

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 at 1:30pm and 3:00pm

Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Beginning at 1:30 PM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
- Understand the psychological contract from the employer and employee perspective.
- Recognize the impacts of psychological contract breaches from the employer and employee perspective.
- Leverage technology to ensure employee expectations are in line with current trends and expectations.

Session Description
Within the words “written” in invisible ink are important agreements between the employer and the employee. This contract is not written, and it cannot be seen, signed, or notarized. In this presentation, we will discuss the concept of the psychological contract at work and explore the (often forgotten and misunderstood) exchange relationship that has a myriad of impacts from both the employee and employer viewpoints. You’ll leave this session with an action plan to assist managers in building awareness, and you’ll become familiar with the effect the psychological contract has on the workplace and the people in it!

Session Speaker

Julie Develin


More About Julie Develin

An expert on employee relations, workplace flexibility, and workforce development, Julie Develin is a Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory at UKG, a global leader in workforce cloud solutions. With more than 17 years of experience as an HR practitioner focused on improving workplace culture and enhancing the employee experience, Develin helps organizations worldwide implement strategic employee technology and workplace initiatives to enhance productivity, improve communication, and increase satisfaction across the workforce. Develin holds an M.S. in human resources development from McDaniel College, where she continues to work today as an adjunct professor in the human resources management and human services management programs.