Conference Sessions

Hiring Culture
Session repeated on 9/21 at 1:15pm
Location: Room B
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022 Beginning at 9:00 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
1. In this session learners will learn what culture has to do with Hiring.
2. In this session learners will learn how to build a Hiring Culture.
3. In this session learners will why soft skills should be selected over technical skills.

Session Description
Talent Acquisition and Retention are the leading struggles HR professionals, Leaders, and Business Owners face in their positions. What if building a Hiring Culture could solve those issues? What if you could get more leadership involvement in the retention efforts?

Building a Hiring Culture in your organization will provide your new employees the best chance at success. A Hiring Culture is separate from your workplace culture, however, they should be seamless.

Session Speaker

Nicole Anderson

MEND HR Solutions and MEND Recruiting

More About Nicole Anderson

Nicole Anderson is the CEO and Founder of MEND, a human resources solutions firm and MEND Recruiting based in West Palm Beach, Florida.