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Unlock the Power of Mindfulness to Maximize Your Energy and Productivity
This session repeats on 9/22 at 1:15pm
Location: Room D
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022 Beginning at 7:00 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
1. Participants will understand the latest research on ethics and inclusion in the modern workplace.
2. HR professionals will learn how ethics and inclusion can impact DEI&B.
3. Participants will see how inclusion and ethics can be leveraged with technology.

Session Description
HR leaders are faced with new realities as the world of work and employee priorities continue to evolve. Employees are expecting more from their employers, especially around creating a more ethical and inclusive workplace experience. As many organizations are implementing changes that are impacting their workforce, it is more important than ever to plan and execute an ethical culture that can effectively increase employee engagement, innovation, and success. In a time where organizations are struggling to attract and retain top talent, HR leaders specifically must take advantage to help drive ethical leadership that fosters better business outcomes.

Join Erika Sandoval, as she guides you through innovative and proven techniques that successfully build and maintain ethical and inclusive practices that will empower your people and your organization, while fostering a sense of belonging that drives better business performance.

Session Speaker

Erika Sandoval


More About Erika Sandoval

Erika Sandoval has experience in HR, DEI&B, organizational and professional development, and facilitation and consulting. Having lived and worked in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Erika has been recognized for her impactful organizational strategic initiatives that drive business success.

She is multilingual and holds various training certificates. Erika received an MSc in Human Rights Law from the University of Birmingham in the U.K. and has an MA and BA.