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Leading in HR With the Right Q's
This session is repeated on 9/22 at 2:30 pm
Location: Room A
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022 Beginning at 8:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
1. Distinguish among IQ, EQ, and AQ
2. Discuss steps to overcome barriers to enhancing your EQ and AQ
3. Develop a road map to improve your HR leadership Qs

Session Description
As if one “Q” isn’t enough! Well, it isn’t. Increased attention has been given to IQ, EQ, and AQ in the last few years. There is a good reason for it. Research shows that leaders who can outperform others have a higher EQ and AQ but not necessarily a high IQ. The good news is that these are things you can tackle with a plan to develop your Qs.

With today’s persistent state of change, organizations require leadership with high Qs to positively impact the 4Rs—recruitment, retention, resilience, and reskilling. This is an indicator that it’s time for HR to lead with the right Qs. How do I assess my ‘Q’ state? What skills are characteristic of high Q leaders? What steps can I take to develop my Qs? We’ll go on a journey in this session that gets you answers to these questions and more.

Session Speaker

Dr. Esther Jackson

Rock Central

More About Dr. Esther Jackson

Driven to maximize the potential of others, Dr. Esther Jackson has a myriad of experiences in HR leadership, project management, instructional design and training management. Dr. Jackson is a project manager, college instructor, speaker and consultant in Michigan. Her background includes presenting on topics such as adaptability, change management, DEI, emotional intelligence, and leadership development at local along with national conferences. She has presented at the ATD International Conference & Expo and the Training Magazine Conference & Expo.

In addition to serving as a National Advisor for Chapters (NAC) with ATD, she is the NAC DEI Committee lead and Past President for ATD Detroit. She holds a master’s in instructional technology, a doctoral degree in higher education and adult learning, an AQ Foundations Certification for adaptability. She wrote her first book, Adaptability in Talent Development, which was published this year.