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Giving Your Employees C.R.A.P. and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention
This session is repeated on 9/22 at 2:30pm
Location: Room C
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022 Beginning at 8:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
1. Identify gaps in your retention plan so you can develop your own strategic roadmap.
2. Prepare you to advocate to senior leadership the cost and business reasons for having a strategic retention plan.
3. Understand reasons that solid performers leave AND what you can do to address those reasons.

Session Description
Jeff provides a “headhunter’s” insight into the thoughts and reasoning of employees who decide or are contemplating leaving their jobs in various organizations as he reveals how giving your people C.R.A.P. and 7 other secrets are the key to employee retention. Through humorous, real-life stories and interactive participation, Jeff has created a program which helps participants discover ways to gain a competitive edge when trying to retain talent.

Because Jeff is a “headhunter” in addition to having 25 years in human resources leadership roles prior to starting his own company, he gives you an eye-opening glimpse into what motivates solid performers to consider leaving their employers and what gets them thinking that “the grass is greener” on the other side of the fence.

Attendees will hear real life comments from candidates Jeff has attempted to recruit that the candidate will never admit in an exit interview with human resources or tell their boss. Jeff’s unique insight will enable participants to leave the session with actionable steps to begin to drive employee retention in their department or organization while participating in a program with great takeaways that will resonate with attendees.

Session Speaker

Jeff Kortes

Human Asset Management LLC

More About Jeff Kortes

Jeff has more than 25 years experience in human resources. He has worked at companies that specialize in manufacturing, construction, and high tech. During his career he has worked to recruit, retain and develop employees, at companies including ConAgra Foods, SPX, Midas International and American Crystal Sugar.

Jeff is the founder of Human Asset Management LLC, which helps organizations to recruit, engage, develop and retain talent. Organizations that embrace his process have experienced reductions in employee turnover of 40-80%. He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and a frequent speaker on the topic of loyalty, employee retention, recruitment and culture building. He is an avid high school wrestling fan, CrossFit participant and US Army veteran. Jeff is the author of Give Your Employees C.R.A.P...and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention and HR Horror Stories…True Tales from the Trenches.