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Take the DAMN Chance
Turning Life's Unexpected Turns into Your Big, Bold, Wonderful Life
Date: Friday, September 23, 2022 Beginning at 12:00 PM
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We’ve all experienced difficult, unexpected situations that feel insurmountable. And too often we think “I will never recover from this.” Or we fear that we cannot truly be successful after trauma. This is simply not true. Bevin is the founder of the Take the DAMN Trip movement, which was born out of losing her husband unexpectedly just five days after returning from a whirlwind trip to France. Bevin openly shares that experience, as well as other traumatic experiences she's overcome, to inspire your audience to navigate their life with creativity and grace. • The difference between permission and support….and why you don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your dreams • The #1 way to release the guilt that you can’t be everywhere at once • The power of deciding and declaring what you want in your life • How to make the most meaningful impact on the lives of those you love the most

Session Speaker

Bevin Farrand

Executive Coach and Brand Strategist
Founder of the Take the DAMN Chance Movement

More About Bevin Farrand


In 2019, after unexpectedly losing her husband 5 days after they returned from a whirlwind trip to France, Bevin Farrand founded the Take the DAMN Chance movement. Her DAMN framework has inspired hundreds to connect with the people that they love, do the “crazy thing” that makes all the difference and, when given a choice, to take the damn chance.  Additionally, she is an executive business strategist and coach who supports small businesses and entrepreneurs in developing and executing strategies to take their revenue to 6- and 7-figures.