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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise - Taking Full Advantage Of The No Surprises Act!
This session repeats at 10:45am on 9/23/2022
Date: Friday, September 23, 2022 Beginning at 8:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
  • The session will answer who is responsible for compliance, what amendments are needed for vendor agreements and insurance contracts, how the changes will impact plan design, processing and costs, clarify the process for resolving claims disputes with out of network providers.
  • The session will confirm how minimum compliance is likely to raise the cost of coverage - as it is designed to increase benefits, lower participant out of pocket expenses for the 135+MM participants in insured and self-insured plans.
  • The session will identify options plan sponsors have to leverage this new legislation for the benefit of both the participants and the plan.
  • Session Description
    Much like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, the No Surprises Act also amends ERISA, the tax code and the Public Health Services Act. This presentation will review the details of the code provisions and the regulations (scheduled to be issued this summer). That review will incorporate analysis of the differences between the code and regulatory guidance (if any) as well as identify any gaps – where there appears to be insufficient guidance or outstanding issues.

    After confirming minimum compliance requirements, we will identify innovative designs and actionable Total Rewards solutions that will enable organizations to leverage this new legislation so as to optimize the outcome – for both the participants and the plan sponsor.

    Session Speaker

    Jack Towarnicky

    Koehler Fitzgerald LLC

    More About Jack Towarnicky

    Jack Towarnicky serves as an ERISA attorney, Koehler Fitzgerald, LLC, Cleveland Ohio.  Previously, Jack held corporate benefits leadership positions in plan sponsor roles at four Fortune 500 firms - Nationwide, Tenneco, Cooper Industries and Marathon.  Nationally recognized - Plan Sponsor of the Year, Benefits Manager of the Year, etc. Education:  LLM - Employee Benefits, JD, MBA, BBA-Business Economics.