Conference Sessions

Taking The Fear Out Of Team Building
Date: Friday, September 23, 2022 Beginning at 8:15 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
  • What positive team building experiences entail
  • A removal of fear and anxiety around both the words, and acts, of team building
  • When and how to host a productive team building experience beneficial to everyone on a team.
  • Session Description
    What is the first thing you think of when you hear (or read) “team building”? Why does team building, whether you spell it as one word or two, have such a negative connotation to so many? For those who are naturally active and/or outgoing, team building is often welcomed with open arms; however, for those who are introverted, and/or less athletically inclined, it’s often a cause of hesitation, fear, and anxiety. By conducting a series of short surveys, Matt garnered the common opinions, and misconceptions, of what team building is, and he’s sharing his findings, and solutions, with the world through his speaking engagements and his book, TAKE THE FEAR OUT OF TEAM BUILDING. Team building is more than zip lining, trust falls, and slide show presentations. Are you still feeling skeptical? It’s time you participated in this interactive (yes, attendees will partake in some simple, yet engaging activities), informative and engaging presentation.

    Session Speaker

    Matt May

    Premier Team Building & Interactive Experiences

    More About Matt May

    Matt May founded Verve Central Productions to provide quality entertainment and services to its clients and audiences through special events & entertainment, theatrical production, creative & business consulting, and education. Through the company's team building division, Premier Team Building & Interactive Experiences™, collaborative programs are delivered to clients nation-wide and internationally. Matt has produced and facilitated hundreds of large and small-group experiences. As the company's president, he is responsible for the design & development of its team building and interactive experiences, overseeing the production and facilitation of these programs, customer support, and staff training.