Mark Barnes, Esq. and Carl Habekost, Esq.

Mark Barnes, Esq. and Carl Habekost, Esq.

Organization - Bugbee & Conkle, LLP


Workers' Comp + OSHA Safety Intersection: Keeping Your Workplace Out Of Jeopardy

Learning Objectives

1. U.S. Employment Law & Regulations;

2. Risk Management; and,

3. Critical Evaluation.


Carl Habekost, attorney, certified occupational safety specialist and safety manager; and Mark Barnes, attorney, who has practiced primarily workers' compensation law for 20 years, will provide a comparison between the safety standards and procedures of OSHA vs. Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation VSSR cases. The format of the presentation is a Jeopardy game with audience members participating as contestants with buzzers, scorekeeping, and prizes. Participants will be presented with an answer on the screen and asked to choose whether it pertains to OSHA or VSSR. If the participant answers correctly, $200 is added to their score. Mark Barnes and Carl Habekost would then briefly discuss how the answer pertains (or not) to a VSSR claim and/or OSHA. The answers are points of discussion for the presenters, the participants, and the audience. The format makes it fun and exciting for the audience while also helping them to retain the information better.


MARK S. BARNES, ESQ. joined Bugbee & Conkle, LLP in 2010. Mark has successfully defended employers in Ohio trial courts, state courts of appeals, and the Ohio Supreme Court. Mark is an alumni of the University of Virginia & the University of Maryland. He was formerly appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court Board of Bar Examiners, a committee of lawyers and judges which sets policy for and prepares the Ohio bar examination. CARL E. HABEKOST, ESQ. joined Bugbee & Conkle, LLP in 2010. Carl is triple certified as an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist, a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist, and a Certified Occupational Safety Manager. Carl has also earned OSHA 30 hour Certifications in General Industry & Construction. He is also a former Staff Hearing Officer with the Industrial Commission of Ohio where he decided a broad range of workers' compensation claims in Toledo. In addition, Carl also has been retained in federal and state courts as an expert witness in Ohio workers' compensation law. Both speakers practice workers' compensation defense, labor & employment law, and litigation. They are involved in various employer, safety, and HR organizations throughout the state, as well as local volunteer and fundraising efforts. They are also all frequent lecturers for various educational institutes, bar associations, and safety, HR and employer groups. In addition to full-time defense of employers both speakers are married and are dedicated and involved parents.