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Dawn Burke

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Hope Or Fear: Can Either Work In Cultures Of Engagement?

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss the similarities, differences and efficacy of the emotional motivators of hope and fear in the workplace;

2. Using her current residence, Birmingham, AL, as a case-study, will share how new leadership is actively transforming it's culture, perception, and future success focusing on hope vs. fear; and,

3. Share steps to ID what your company truely values and tips to incorporate hope (or fear) to help create a culture of engagement.


Hope vs Fear. 2017 and 2018 hit us right between the eyes with many of examples of both. Politics, mother nature, Oprah, #metoo, even our facebook feeds sharing pics of singing pets or people falling down injected us with a continuous stream of motivation, typically driven by hope or fear. It's astounding when you think about how powerful this is. So, how does this translate in the modern workplace and how do these emotional states drive cultures of engagement. You read that right > engagement?. I mean, can we even contemplate fear being a motivator of engagement if your company values decency above all? Some may say yes.


Dawn Burke, Founder of Dawn Burke HR and former HR executive, is an HR Leader, speaker and writer, specializing in new "trench hr" practices, engagement and workplace culture. Her HR and leadership career has spanned the last 20 years, most recently serving as VP of People for Birmingham, AL, award?winning technology company, Daxko.

In executive HR leadership roles Dawn has been responsible and committed to sustaining fast?paced, engaging and profitable corporate cultures. As a proponent of "new" HR, her focus is helping teams create cultures of engagement and empowerment rather than ones of "policy policing".

During her tenure as VP of People, Daxko was an employer of choice winning such awards as Achievers "50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the US", The Birmingham Business Journal's "Best Places to Work", and was named one of the "50 Best Small and Medium Sized Companies" in the US by the Great Place To Work Institute. In addition Daxko was featured in publications such as Fortune and CNN Money Magazine.

In addition to her HR experience, she is a national speaker and writes at DawnHBurke.com. She is also a contributor at FistfulOfTalent.com, hosts the talent management video series "No Scrubs" and contributes to Alex.com, and SHRM conference blogs. She's been recognized as a Top HR Innovator and The Top HR Executive for Medium Sized Companies by the Birmingham Business Journal, and gives back to her hometown by serving as President of her local SHRM chapter.

Most importantly, she is addicted to TV, loves to cry at movies, thinks wine and a wheel of Brie make a well-balanced dinner, and sings in her car daily. Her husband and cat are the Yin to her Yang.