Michelle Foster and Sara Jackson

Michelle Foster and Sara Jackson

Organization - Kenyon College, Ohio SHRM State Council, Cerkl, and GCHRA
Michelle Foster
Sara Jackson
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HR's Three Step Journey To Personalizing The Employee Experience - From Mundane To Mission Critical

Learning Objectives

1. HR professionals will learn a simple process to tie employee job descriptions to the mission of their organization, creating a structure for meaningful work. This hands on practice session will begin with a collaborative breakdown of an example mission statement and job description, allowing attendees to craft mission-critical job roles. A BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) session, we'll then use the mission statements of the attendees' companies to break down mission statements to apply to their own work, for use after the conference;

2. HR professionals will learn how to strategically reveal industry metrics and compare them to their own data dashboards to show the ROI on internal efforts; and,

3. HR professionals will learn how to use storytelling techniques to uncover the where, what, why, when, and how of their company's mission to create dual-purpose communication promoting engagement for employees and for their own meaningful work.


HR professionals can become overwhelmed by daily, often mundane tasks required to recruit, onboard, manage performance, set policy, administer total rewards, and train employees, let alone take time to develop ourselves. Are you an HR professional drowning in a sea of tasks? Do you wish you were instead floating in the Sea of Tranquility? This session will offer a three step process to help HR transform themselves, their employees, and their organization by making every job role mission critical.

***John F. Kennedy was about to give a huge speech to inspire the nation to rally behind the Apollo missions. While he prepared in one of the hangars at NASA he took a wrong turn and found himself in a janitors' closet. Inside, he saw a janitor cleaning his mop and asked, "What do you do here?" The worker replied, "Mr. President, I'm putting a man on the moon" and he rushed off to continue his work.***

Is every position in your organization directly tied to your mission? Do your employees know how their specific job helps your business or non-profit fulfill its purpose? This is where we begin! Attendees will learn a 3 step process to personalize employee experience from onboarding to succession, letting employees take charge of their own engagement, with HR leading the way. We'll provide tools and tips for HR to guide employees in creating meaningful work, giving you time to be transformative, collaborative, and innovative. After all, you too are a valued employee!

This session will begin with a hands-on workshop where you'll practice tying job descriptions to the overall mission of your organization. Next, you'll learn the power of new technology by using data to engage and retain employees, taking you from task master to can't-live-without-strategist. Finally, we'll discover storytelling techniques that will make your communication efforts dual-purpose, connecting the head and the heart of your employees, keeping their value top-of-mind and never letting them forget their mission critical role.


Michelle has practiced HR in Higher Ed for over seven years and is passionate about development, work flexibility, and facilitating meaningful, mission-driven work. She currently serves as Associate Director of Human Resources at Kenyon College where she focuses on innovating employee onboarding, new management development, and communication that supports positive employee experience. She took office as Ohio SHRM Social Media Director in January, 2018 collaboratively creating a social media strategy and increasing social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and the Web with representatives from the 25 local Ohio SHRM chapters and state council directors. Michelle volunteers with the SHRM A-Team, serving on the working group on workplace flexibility to support passage of HR4219, Workflex in the 21st Century Act. When not serving the HR profession, you'll find her on the pitch with her husband and rescued chiweenie, Friskito watching her son play DIII collegiate soccer. Follow her on twitter @mfosterHR or connect on LinkedIn (MichelleDMFoster).

Sara is the Cofounder and "VP of Engagement Solutions" for Cerkl. Cerkl automatically personalizes your content and messages based on each individual's interests and schedule. Through Cerkl's data, Sara inspires and gives voice to corporations, nonprofits, bloggers, small business, schools, universities, etc. significantly driving engagement among your audience.

Sara has extensive experience and expertise in internal and external communication, community engagement, digital marketing, social media, partnerships, and public relations in both the public and private sectors. She has developed locally and nationally recognized community engagement programs and partnerships.

Prior to starting her own company, Sara worked for the NKY Chamber of Commerce working in professional sports, particularly with the National Football League and Major League Baseball, where she worked for the Cincinnati Bengals in marketing, corporate sales, announcing, and planning all game day entertainment.

Last year Sara was recognized as a 40 under 40 award winner, a ranking of the most influential young people in business. Sara resides in Independence, KY with her two daughters, Gracie and Ella.