Bradley Galin

Bradley Galin

Organization - Allegro HR


First Be Human - Facilitating Conversations On Diversity And Inclusion

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the business benefits of having a culture that is diverse and inclusive;

2. Defining "What does diversity mean to me?"; and,

3. Practicing a technique to engage in conversations which can venture into areas that are uncomfortable and/or difficult to talk about.


This interactive presentation will provide attendees with a tool and methodology to develop as leaders in enhancing their organization's diversity and inclusion. The techniques used can be utilized to help leadership in an organization recognize how their own experiences influence actions that can either exclude or include others. The focus during the presentation is on 2 key questions that leaders can use to explore and gain a better understanding of everyone in their organization and realize that inclusion matters to everyone.


Spending much of his early life working in the theme park industry, first as a ride operator and later in public relations at Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio, Brad has had many unique and fun experiences since graduating from Indiana University with a dual degree in biology and environmental studies. Brad's HR experience began in policy development and training for Cincinnati-based International Theme Park Services and took him around the world to train including extended assignments in China, Mexico, and Brazil. Brad was instrumental in the opening of the Newport Aquarium where he hired and trained the guest service and operations staff. Following that, Brad was hired as the first HR professional for a family owned printing company and established their human resource practices from the ground up. Brad spent ten years as the Senior Director of Human Resources and Corporate Compliance Officer for Stone Belt Arc, Inc., a non profit organization with over 500 employees fulfilling its mission to prepare, empower, and support people with disabilities and their families throughout south central Indiana. After completing his MBA and moving to Michigan in 2013, Brad led the rebuilding of the HR function at the Portage Public Schools as the Director of Human Resources. Now, Brad is an executive coach and HR leadership consultant based in Portage, Michigan.

In addition to his day job, Brad is also a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, currently serves as the Director-at-Large for the Indiana State Council of SHRM, and has volunteered time for many organizations including Monroe County United Ministries, the SHRM Foundation, and the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce.

Most importantly, Brad is kept well-grounded at home by his wife, Susanne, and their two children Jack (age 17) and Annie (age 13).