Jeff Kortes

Jeff Kortes

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Give Your Employees C.R.A.P...The Success Formula For Building Employee Loyalty

Learning Objectives

1. Prepare participants to advocate to senior leadership that in order to sustain results over the long-term, a culture of C.R.A.P. should be the first priority;

2. Understand reasons that employees love being on the receiving end of C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) and how to best give your employees C.R.A.P.; and,

3. Understand why the C.R.A.P. behaviors are instrumental in building a culture of employee loyalty.


Have you ever wondered what makes some cultures engines that produce excellent profits and results year after year? Have you ever seen bosses that people would do almost anything for and wondered what their secret was? Those bosses and organizations that people have extreme loyalty to understand that it is the culture they create that drives profits and success and not the opposite.

Jeff's insight as an HR Leader, "headhunter," coach, and US Army veteran made him realize that a culture created by a leader or an organization that had C.R.A.P. as the foundation was one that took loyalty to the next level. That loyalty in turn drove consistent success of the organization.

Many organizations know that C.R.A.P. is important to building a solid culture as do many leaders. However, few know the steps needed to do it and flounder through culture building such as this. Jeff's program shows you HOW to build that culture and the thought process needed to get there. Not only is this an "idea" program, it is a "process" program so participants can take the template and actually use it as a starting point to build their culture.

Through real-life stories and interactive participation, Jeff has created a program which helps participants understand how embedding Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise, into a culture can take loyalty and results to that next level.

Jeff's unique insight will enable participants to leave the session with actionable steps to begin building a culture that takes loyalty to the next level while participating in a program with great takeaways that will resonate with attendees.


Jeff Kortes is the founder of Human Asset Management LLC, a human resource consulting firm specializing in talent acquisition, employee retention, leadership development, employee engagement and development of high performance work cultures. He is a skilled facilitator and trainer who energizes participants.

Mr. Kortes has 25 years experience in human resources and labor relations. Mr. Kortes' exposure to both public and private sector organizations has been obtained while functioning in construction, manufacturing, municipal government, and high tech environments. He has held human resources leadership positions at SPX, Midas International, ConAgra, Inc., Camtronics Medical Systems, and the City of Franklin, Wisconsin. A sample of his accomplishments include:

  • Designed and implemented customized training, management development, mentoring, and performance management processes for multiple organizations.
  • Designed, marketed, and delivered trademarked leadership series.
  • Designed and implemented focused recruitment and retention strategies to enable his clients to compete with national competitors for talent.
  • Leading multiple organizational change efforts in both union free and unionized environments.
  • Developed strategy to retain and engage intellectual capital in highly competitive software development organization.
  • Establishing continuous improvement processes and high performance work systems including self-directed teams in private and public sector.
  • Developing multiple labor/management partnerships designed to focus the energies of the parties involved on remaining competitive in global markets.
  • Negotiated 50+ labor agreements in both the public and private sectors.
  • Author of two books on employee retention and leadership.