Tom Mobley

Tom Mobley

Organization - University of Cincinnati


Destination Negotiation Outcomes - Reading The Signs And Preparing Your Travel Plans For A Successful Journey

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding Your Negotiating Tendencies - You will have an opportunity to self-assess your predispositions towards conflict and understand how your predispositions impact your preparation.;

2. Tools for Reading Others - Part of the process of negotiations is understanding the tendencies of the person you are negotiating with and the best way to present a proposal to them; and,

3. Preparation is the Key - Beyond truly understanding yourself and the person you are negotiating with, you must have a deep insight into what the true issues you are negotiating over are and what are the range of bargaining issues you will be facing.


Some say that "everything is negotiable, the question is whether we choose to or not to negotiate". In HR, we negotiate every day, be it with a potential
new hire, vendor, supervisor, coworker or boss. For most of us, we learn about negotiations by doing it, but are there signs that we need to be aware
of, or strategies that we can put into play to make our outcomes more favorable? This session will explore those questions and more and make
you aware of the signs and help you prepare for your negotiating journey.

You will walk away from this session with the following:
• An understanding of your individual predisposition to negotiation and it's pros and cons
• How to read others and understanding the best way to present information to them
• Basis negotiations preparation tools - bargaining range to BATNA
• Recognizing signs and how to use them to your advantage


Tom is employed by the University of Cincinnati as an Assistant Professor - Educator in their Organizational Leadership/Human Resource Program. A
UC MALER graduate with over 30 years of experience, Thomas Mobley, SPHR is a respected expert in the HR field. As a Professor and HR Consultant he has a proven ability to transfer knowledge and provide others with the tools they need to succeed. In Mobley HR Consulting he has combined his corporate and teaching experience to create workshops and presentations that are practical and effective. His HR Certification Prep Course has had several sessions with 100% test pass rates.