Jon Petz

Jon Petz

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It's SHOWTIME! Uncover The Mystery To HR Performance!

Learning Objectives

1. We discuss the behavior science of doubt and anxiety and how that can diminish our ability to take purposeful action;

2. HR practitioners need to be in a continual state of ‘Unlearning’ to best serve and support their organizations growth. How will we rapidly adapt, change or more importantly evolve as performance leaders in HR; and,

3. HR practitioners will learn how to boost an employees engagement by instilling a sense of purpose and pride in how their everyday actions impact the entire organization.


It’s not enough to ’just’ show up, be ‘just’ an employee or stick to the status quo. As HR practitioners, how do we perform? To meet expectations? Or, to be influential in the success of our organization when we are suddenly cast into the spotlight and asked to perform?

Today’s organizations need HR leaders at ALL levels to own up, show up and influence peak performance every day. However, many in HR and in your organization struggle with the mindset that ‘peak-performance’ is only for the elite-athletes and top executives. And, of course, the fact that we all are ‘so busy’ that we are doing just enough - to get by.

With humor, heart and simple tools, Jon will uncover the mindset that performing to be influential and remembered is not a magical secret. It’s obtainable by everyone, as well as purposeful, profitable and possible. Are you ready?


Jon Petz is a keynote speaker, author and performer who will elevate your performance abilities to:

- Show up! Take purposeful action to create SHOWTIME moments
- Be able to “Unlearn” on a routine basis
- Empower your purpose to ensure no one on your team falls for being “Just” anything

What does this mean to you? A more engaged, productive, motivated and purpose driven individual AND organization that will send sales soaring, develop amazing customer and team relationships and fuel passion in what they do and how they do it. You will truly laugh louder, perform better and achieve more.