Scott Schreiber

Scott Schreiber

Organization - RSC Advisory Group, LLC


Advanced HR Advisory Skills: Making Your Pay Program Drive Engagement

Learning Objectives

1. Help managers listen actively to employees to best understand their career and recognition drivers - to understand what their thoughts really are with
respect to pay now and in the future;

2. Explain why their organization's pay program is designed the way it is and how each element has a purpose integrated with other people systems and
programs to build career engagement among successful employees.; and,

3. Build an effective business case to managers that while fully utilizing the pay program to motivate and engage employees can be difficult (and intimidating), the lasting positive effects on employees and their collective performance make the effort well worth it.


The way an organization pays its employees contains the most sincere truth about how that organization values employees. HR is the lynchpin in
driving managers - those with direct control of employee work and careers - to deliver pay correctly and in the context of engagement desired by the
organization. Into the theory of pay program design, this seminar will instruct participants on how to help managers use their pay program as an
effective tool to build short- and longer-term employee engagement.


Scott Schreiber is a Managing Director of RSC Advisory Group. In this capacity, he applies a multidisciplinary background to assist clients in maximizing the return on their compensation investment. Scott has consulted with a wide range of organizations from mature divisions of Fortune 50 companies to small, emerging high technology firms. Scott has provided compensation consulting services in the areas of Employee Pay, Sales Incentive, Variable Rewards and Executive Compensation.

Prior to RSC, Scott founded the Compensation Service Group, served as the Midwest Compensation Practice Leader for Watson Wyatt, and was a Principal and Practice Leader for Mercer’s Reward and Talent Management practice. Prior experience also includes Vice President Human Resources of a large insurance company, and several other corporate and consulting roles. Scott’s education consists of a Masters of Business Administration from Xavier University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cincinnati.