Scott Warrick

Scott Warrick



VERBAL JEET: Resolving Conflict As An Emotionally Intelligent Communicator

Learning Objectives

1. You will learn the Neurology of Emotional Intelligence and how you can use it to gain more control over yourself;

2. You will learn how to Resolve Conflict rather than Escalating it or Suppressing it; and,

3. You will learn how to use VERBAL JEET to address any conflict situation.


The ability to RESOLVE CONFLICT is the single greatest skill you could ever possess. If your supervisors cannot resolve conflict ... GAME OVER. Human Resources must be the internal expert and coach on resolving the many different conflicts that come up every day.

What is VERBAL JEET ... and how can we all learn to use it? How can you RESOLVE CONFLICT rather than ESCALATING it? How should you define "RESPECT"? What are "EPR" SKILLS and why do they keep others off the defensive? What is the "NEUROLOGY OF EMOTIONS" and why do we humans react the way we do? What is the "MAGIC BULLET" in the VERBAL JEET system of resolving conflict? Why is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE a KEY SKILL in Resolving Conflict? ...and MUCH, MUCH more...

Join Scott as he outlines the basic skills of EI and CONFLICT RESOLUTION that allows anyone to more effectively RESOLVE CONFLICT rather than ESCALATING it!


Scott Warrick, JD, MLHR, CEQC, SHRM-SCP (www.scottwarrick.com) is both a practicing Employment Law Attorney and Human Resource
Professional with over 35 years of hands-on experience. Scott uses his unique background to help organizations get where they want to go, which
includes coaching and training managers and employees in his own unique, practical, entertaining and humorous style. Scott trains managers
and employees ON-SITE in over 50 topics.

Scott combines the areas of law and human resources to help organizations in "Solving Employee Problems BEFORE They Happen."
Scott's goal is NOT to win lawsuits. Instead, Scott's goal is to PREVENT THEM while improving EMPLOYEE MORALE.

Scott Trains Managers and Employees ON-SITE in over 50 topics. Scott's academic background and awards include Capital University
College of Law (Class Valedictorian (1st out of 233) and Summa Cum Laude), Master of Labor & Human Resources and B.A. in Organizational
Communication from The Ohio State University.