Tony Fiore

Tony Fiore

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Business Credit


Navigating Global HR Culture - The Laws, Trends + Politics Affecting Culture In The Workplace

Learning Objectives

1. Improve knowledge of laws, trends and politics that affect culture in the workplace in several foreign countries;

2. Gain an understanding of local, state and federal HR laws in the United States and how they compare to similar laws that affect the workplace in other countries; and,

3. Learn best practices for implementing a culture of safety, respect and value, both domestically and internationally.


Whether you are the local coffee shop or the multinational corporation doing business in several countries, global business issues affect your
company's HR culture now more than ever. In this presentation, Ohio State Council of SHRM government affairs director Tony Fiore talks about how
laws, practices and issues from around the world are affecting HR culture and its ability to manage a global workforce. Taking into consideration the social effects of technological innovations on HR culture, and the pressures it faces from an expanding global economy,

Tony will help you better comprehend and prepare for a global marketplace by adding to your understanding of how HR laws in the U.S. compare to
similar laws in other countries; analyzing laws, trends and politics affecting workplace culture in foreign countries; and helping you implement a culture of safety, respect and value through the use of best practices.


Before joining Columbus's Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter in 2011 as an attorney and lobbyist, Tony Fiore began building relationships as a member of the
Ohio Chamber of Commerce's Governmental Affairs team for more than a decade. Through his service as the government affairs director on the Ohio
State Council of SHRM, Fiore works closely with human resource management professionals across Ohio and in Washington, D.C. He is a demonstrated advocate with exceptional knowledge of local, state and federal laws and of national and international legal and business regulations.

Fiore has been advising companies and associations of all sizes for more than 18 years, tackling the issues his clients encounter with
thoughtful counsel on practical, political and legal considerations, and providing government affairs counsel and compliance services to companies advocating for prudent reforms to administrative and legislative changes across the U.S. with state, Washington D.C., or regionally-based lobbyists.