Julie Pugh, Esq., SHRM-CP, PHR

Julie Pugh, Esq., SHRM-CP, PHR

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State-By-State Compliance: Trip Advisor Guides

Learning Objectives

1. Don't get lost in the state by state compliance twists and turns, and recognize that what you do not know can hurt your company;

2. Learn practical tips and how to properly rely on the various legal and human resources that exist to support multijurisdictional companies; and,

3. Recognize how the differences in state laws affect your company's policies, and how you can proactively manage those differences to prevent detours.


When you plan your vacation, you probably research like crazy. You dig in to find just the right restaurant, the right place to stay, and the top 10 destinations you want to explore. When a company does business in a different jurisdiction, whether it is another state or any other city, the same kind of research should happen. In a smart company, that research happens every year.

Just like the popular website and app that you use to research your upcoming vacation, a ton of information is available to savvy HR professionals overseeing labor and employment compliance in multiple jurisdictions. Knowing that the resources exist is one challenge that we will tackle in this session. However, knowing how to use the resources and applying that knowledge at different workplaces is a different skill. In this session, attendees will learn how different state laws can affect a company's policy drafting, implementation, and employee relations decisions. We will travel to various locations outside of Ohio to examine substantively similar laws with very different consequences. We will also review how the laws change over the years, and why proposed legislation can be a confusing landscape for both managers and HR professionals. Once we understand the consequences of the different laws, we will examine how to update business practices. We will also discuss the various methods a company can use to ensure compliance and how those updates can be handled on a regular basis.

Fasten your seatbelts, it may be a wild ride!


Julie's legal practice focuses on client counseling, employment litigation, and dispute resolution. She routinely represents clients before the EEOC, OCRC, DOL, and federal and state judges. She truly loves getting involved with her clients, and can usually be found onsite with at least one company a week.

Julie's typical day starts with her reading about the latest changes in labor and employment law. The rest of the day may include quickly responding to client phone calls and emails, researching nuances of employment law, drafting and interpreting employment-related agreements, negotiating various contracts, asking a court or administrative agency to rule in a client's favor, reviewing policies and employee handbooks, and hopefully making others' jobs a little easier. Julie also regularly visits client locations to counsel human resources staff, managers and supervisors, and employees on important legal topics. Examples of such training topics include wage and hour laws, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment (or "Respectful Workplace Training"), labor relations, and leaves of absence management.

Julie is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Julie also earned a BSBA from Xavier University in 2002, where she majored in Human Resources and minored in Psychology. She's also a little bit of a statistics nerd.

Prior to attending law school, Julie got married, bought a house, took out a car loan, got a dog, and worked as a Human Resources assistant at a Fortune 500 company. She also worked as a Human Resources staffing supervisor for a local logistics company. She holds certifications as a SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR). Julie sits on the Executive Board of GCHRA, a local SHRM chapter supporting continuing education of human resources professionals. She also enjoys volunteering with and supporting other local charitable organizations. Currently, she serves on the Executive Board of Cancer Family Care, a local non-profit that provides mental health counseling to cancer patients, their children, and their other family members in the tri-state area.

Julie and her husband, Jeff Pugh, are residents of Delhi in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jeff is the Admissions Director at St. Xavier High School, and they spend lots of time chasing after their two sons, Austin and Caleb. If you need a smile, ask her to see a family picture!